You have the wrong website thinking

The Way You’re Thinking About Your Website Is Wrong

Let me guess, you paid someone to build your website and it hasn’t changed since. It just sits online, rotting away into a lonely nothingness.  You’re not alone. This was the standard practice for a long time, heck, it still is. What no one ever told you is that this has never worked. Customers change, security changes, even the Internet itself seems to change with all the updates that websites like Google and Facebook make on a regular basis.

Customers Change

Customers’ needs and desires are not static. Maybe a particular product of yours is in fashion now, but it might be something completely different 6 months from now. Does anyone even remember Furbies or p90X anymore? But that bestselling product may still be featured prominently on your front page.

Maybe the majority of your customers were on Facebook, but now most seem to have migrated to Snapchat. But your website is still linking to your Facebook page and you have no Snapchat link.

Your customers change and your website, like your business, needs to change with them.

Security Changes

Websites big and small are hacked into every day. Sometimes it’s a malicious hacker stealing sensitive customer information like credit card numbers. Other times it’s just some punk kid messing up your website for fun. Being that WordPress is such a major player in the web world, it is especially loved by hackers. Keeping themes and plugins up to date is crucial.

SEO Changes

Google is constantly changing it’s algorithms and the search results change along with it. What had your site soaring atop page 1 last month might well put you pages deep tomorrow. That is why having solid on page SEO and not using sketchy link programs will suit you well long term. Never go for the quick ranking.

Your Website Must Be Dynamic

These days, you can’t just build a website and leave it alone. It needs constant maintenance to meet your customers’ needs, keep out hackers, and stay on top of search engine rankings so customers can find you. This is why we at Cloud Inspector changed our services and payments to better help out small businesses.

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Rather than hiring someone to do a one-time build, it’s much better to hire a developer who is willing to work with you long-term. And no small business has $100-200 an hour to pay the ridiculous rates some developers charge. You want to look for someone that will help you consistently maintain your website for a small monthly fee.

Build a Website AND Save Money

The huge benefit here is that anytime you want to make a change to your website, it’s often included in that cost. Maybe you found that changing your Call-to-Action button to orange would work better or you need to update your contact information. This can all be included in cost ranging from $100-$500 a month depending on the size of your page and needs.

Some web developers, like us, will even completely rebuild your site or make you a new one included in that cost if you agree to a 12-month contract. So you get a shiny new website, stay up-to-date with customers, security, and SEO, AND all for the same price as if you’d just pay to have a one-time build. Stop short-changing your business. Get out there and find a developer willing to work with you long-term.

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