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Keyword Research & Strategy

Unless if you have countless marketing dollars to spend on advertising for one keyword, you need long tails. Long tail keywords are optimized to popular search queries in your niche. Things like “Oshkosh SEO” or “Appleton, WI electrician” instead of just “seo” or “electrician”. By geo-targeting your query, the results are more relevant to your market. You also have a better shot at getting seen, since your website is competing locally, vs world wide.

  • What Keywords Competitors Rank For
  • Optimize Current Ranking Keywords
  • Continuous Monitoring of New Opportunities
  • Ongoing Optimization to Best Target Pages

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Optimize Your Website

Great search engine ranking all starts with proper pages. Both the words you choose and the code it lies within are factors. Done properly, you will have a solid foundation for all other efforts to reach maximum SEO package potential. We do the research and implement the changes for all of our seo consulting services.

  • Keyword Optimization Based on Competition
  • Proper Markup & Schema
  • Image Optimization
  • Proper Linking Structures

This is Enough In Some Markets

We are the best seo services for on site techniques
Our professional seo consultant services include content creation in every seo package

Content Creation Done for You

Blogging is an excellent way to improve on site SEO as well as portray you as the expert you know you are. Beyond that, there are several other digital assets we can create to get the meter moving about your brand. Infographics and videos are great for sharing, and a great one can go viral and have huge impacts. All of these are part of an SEO package.

  • High Quality Writing
  • Custom Design Just for You
  • Shared Across Your Network
  • Forever Yours to Use as You Wish

Google Loves Fresh Content

A great website and great content don't mean anything if nobody sees either. Whether done through submission, outreach, or just luck; links power the web. They help us find what we need and help Google understand related topics. You need a natural, steady flow of links heading to your site to improve and sustain rankings. Any professional seo consultant can attest to this.

  • Network of Sites You Own
  • Powerful Monthly Authority Links to Your Content
  • Social Signals to Get You in Front of More Eyes
  • No BAD Links That Get You Penalized
Link building is essential to search engine optimization - Oshkosh SEO


Search engine optimization and a high quality website can be a killer combo for any lead generation campaign. It's not just about getting eyes on the prize, they have to bite too.

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