Should our small business have a blog?

3 Ways to Know if Your SMB Should Have a Blog

Blogs used to just be written by experts or people really interested in a topic. But, with the rise of content marketing and content-driven SEO, it seems like every business has its own blog. There are certainly many benefits to having a blog, but is it right for your business? Here are some things to consider:

Sending the Right Message

A quality blog is all about sending the right message. Generally, you are trying to establish yourself as an expert. Blog posts that your customers find valuable will help you gain credibility, increasing the likelihood of them actually reaching out to you. This is especially true if your blog constantly provides awesome stuff. Occasionally the topic will be over their head; guess who they think of first when they need assistance. Yeah, you!

Blogging also helps new customers find your site. Many customers may be researching a particular topic that you wrote about on your blog. After reading it, they may want to check out the rest of your site. Any content on your blog will also drive SEO to your site, so do take keywords into consideration when developing content.

What to Write About

Always write for your customers. This is important. Some businesses write about their area of expertise or what they are interested in, but fail to align it with their audience. Who you’re writing for will not just determine content, but even how you write, for example, using a technical or informal style.

Really think about your audience. Are you a web developer for small business? Writing about what’s important on a good landing page may be of relevance. Are your customers other developers? Then a more technical post would be in order.

The best advice is to always think about what problems your customers have, ideally ones that your business is solving for them.

Reasons Not to Have an SMB Blog

A blog isn’t right for everyone. With blogs becoming more prevalent, the Internet has become littered with mediocre content and unattended blogs. How many blogs do you come across that haven’t had a new post in over a year or more?

You want to make sure that you actually have the time to post on a regular basis. For a blog to really develop, you need to post regularly, usually weekly, but choose a schedule that works for you. If you can’t afford to set aside time to do it or commit to posting on the same day, it may end up hurting more than helping.

Another avenue is to outsource the blog writing. A standard 500-word blog post can cost anywhere from $20-$100 per every 500 words depending on the quality you are looking for. Is that an investment you’re able to make?

My recommendation is not to post just to post. The added SEO value is not that large and much of the SEO benefit comes from how many people visit and how often it’s shared, in addition to keywords.

Quality is also a reflection of your business. If customers check out your blog and just see generic and bland posts, they may be dissuaded from taking the next step to reach out to your business. So make sure you’ve got the time and ability, or the money to hire someone with those, to put out quality posts.

To Blog or Not to Blog

Blogs are a great way to build a reputation and drive traffic to your site, but they require a serious investment of time and/or money. You’ll have to think about both to decide if an smb blog is right for your business.

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