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17 Blog Marketing Benefits of Blogging for Business

Small business blog marketing is the equivalent of a premium PR agent offering their services pro bono. Let’s pretend that agent is a female.

If you take her up on her offer, you will be given a valuable privilege, and an advantage over competitors.

If you refuse her offer, you’re at a severe competitive disadvantage and might even raise more than a few eyebrows, all of whom would be wondering why you would refuse an offer like that?

The number of long-term benefits of blogging for your small business far outweigh any resistance you might have to starting one. And the cost of blogging for business is quite minimal compared to the the return on investment.

How Can Blogging Help My Business

Blogging for business is a marketing channel that is free and delivers resultsWith business blogs, you hold all the PR power for your business in your own fingertips.

You get control over how often and exactly how you’re presented to the world–and it’s free! You don’t have to be like our friend here, shouting his message to anyone that will listen. You don’t have to pay for a radio spot or take out a newspaper ad like you would have had to do to make any kind of impression years ago.

You simply have to show up online and produce valuable content on a regular basis. Ideally, you create content centered around topics people search for and that you specialize in.

One key point is that your website design should be professional and look great on all devices. If the site doesn’t provide a great user experience, people won’t take in all of your content.

Increase Traffic Through Blog Marketing:

One of your goals for your website is likely to get more visitors, right?

Well, business blogging regularly is one of the best ways to cultivate regular traffic to the corporate blog. With ongoing updates, you give your current readers incentive to return and prospective readers a reason to visit in the first place.

Aside from taking out ads to get visitors (expensive!), a business blog marketing plan is the best way to create consistent traffic, garnering more attention for your business.

how does blogging help seo

Think about it: Do you have traffic goals for your site? What are you plans for building and sustaining that traffic? Small business blogs are an ideal way to bring in traffic for free.

Blogging for Business Builds Credibility:

Your business blog is an incredible opportunity to showcase your expertise on a subject by contributing regular blog posts about it. As your company name starts becoming familiar in your industry, people will start associating your business with being and authority on the subject.

Consequently, your audience gets the chance to “feel you out” by perusing your content and getting a sense of what you stand for.

Your business blogging portal is your gateway to establishing your industry trustworthiness. And your trustworthiness is a crucial aspect to building brand loyalty with your following.

Think about it: Have you ever gone to someone’s website and wondered, “how are you even qualified to be speaking about this?” Your blog provides you the opportunity to show your audience just how qualified you are and build up your credibility over time.

Brand Exposure via Business Blogging:

Social media marketing blog for businessRumor is, it takes 7 exposures to your business for a prospect to remember your brand and take action. If that’s true, blog posts are the ideal way to accumulate those exposures! Every post is another exposure and every social media share derived from that post is further exposure. Blogging is a great way to build your brand picture and stick in your prospects’ minds in a way that a static site could never do.

Think about it: Many times in daily life you’ll hear people say, “oh yeah, I’ve heard about that before” when speaking about a new brand of clothing or type of weight loss program. The marketers for those brands worked hard to get in front of you several times before their brands started sticking in your memory. Your small business blog is your free brand exposure tool!

Blog Marketing Increases Recall:

Who is the first person to come to mind when a consumer is ready to buy?

Likely, it’s the person that has the highest marketing frequency or has made the most memorable impression.

Use blog marketing to increase your own outreach frequency and become more memorable to potential clients. The more you show up, the more likely you will come to the mind your customers and ensure the true benefits of blogging.

Think about it: The person that consistently shows up in your personal Facebook feed at the  gym is the first person you think to ask when you need weight loss advice, right? The same goes for your brand. If you keep showing up in front of prospects through regular blog posts, you’ll be the first to come to mind when they need your services.

Create Your Signature Brand:

Cloud Inspector Web Design understands the benefits of bloggingThe words you use, how you use them, your voice–they’re all part of your entire brand picture. The same goes for your brand colors and graphic elements. Your blog is a place where you can build a consistent brand picture. Leave your signature on your blog and in the way that you present yourself. Maybe you have a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor that comes out in your blog posts. Maybe you have a special tie you wear for all the pictures on your business blog. You can use your blog to build upon your brand picture.

Another benefit of keeping a blog for business is that you get to define your brand picture for yourself, rather than allowing others to do it for you through their own reviews. A blog provides an outlet for you to communicate exactly what you want your audience to know about you, and it allows you to speak directly to the type of client that you wish to target.

Think about it: Have you ever come across a photo on Instagram or Pinterest and immediately recognized who it belonged to before you saw the name? In mainstream media, you’d probably recognize an ad for Old Navy right away. You can create that same effect! Use your logo, your brand colors, and other brand signatures throughout your posts to create that same kind of brand recognition.

Maintain Relevance Through the Corporate Blog:

Staying up-to-date on trends and product improvements proves your relevance in a changing market. Blogging about advancements and updates also shows your audience that you’re always on the cutting edge. People will come to you because they’ll know you have your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the world. Static sites become stagnant and dated quickly without updated blog posts, whereas sites with that continually post signal the reader that you are likely the most current

When you do your own research on Google, you find yourself clicking on the most recently dated article about a subject, don’t you? You can bet your customers are doing the same thing, so make sure your blog posts are up-to-date. You can always do an update post every year or take a new angle on an old post to keep your articles relevant and up-to-date.

Think about it: What would you think if you visited a site today and then visited the same site in a month and nothing changed. You probably wouldn’t ever go back to that site, would you? Don’t allow your own site to turn readers away with stale content! By providing regular updates through blog posts, you give your audience more incentive to return to your site.

Become a Valuable Resource:

When someone bookmarks your site, it's like a vote of confidence for the brand's business blogging effortsIf done correctly, the accumulation of informational blog posts, especially evergreen content, on your site will naturally develop your site into a content hub. If someone needs to know more about residential plumbing, and you have 100 valuable articles on the subject, your reader is more likely to bookmark your site as a reliable resource. You suddenly become the go-to resource for residential plumbing!

An accumulation of articles on your chosen subject not only sets you apart as an authority on the subject, it also provides valuable SEO value. With 100 articles on residential plumbing, you get major SEO juice in the accumulation of keywords within those articles, in all the potential backlinks, and in all the collective social shares. Your site becomes more robust with each new post and appears more reliable the longer you’ve been blogging.

In your experience: Think about the sites you regularly return to for advice or information. They likely have excellent evergreen content that has accumulated over a length of time that makes them a reliable resource for you. Through your blog articles, your small business could potentially become a resource too, not just a service provider.

How Does Blogging Help SEO:

Keeping up a regimen of blogging for business with original, relevant content on your website makes the algorithms of the universe work in your favor. Here are some of the ways that keeping a small business blog increases your SEO rankings:

  • Simply having a blog makes your site more favorable to search engines.
  • Business blogs create an accumulation of content, which search engines like.
  • More content equates to an accumulation of keywords, and keywords are a major component of SEO.
  • Regular updates to your site with fresh content keeps bringing indexing bots back to your site.
  • An accumulation of backlinks and social shares shows search engines you’re legit.
  • Each blog post becomes another page on your website for search engines to index, making your site more robust and searchable.
  • New posts take precedence to older ones on the internet. So, keeping your site “new” with regular posts makes it more favorable to the algorithms.

Grow your reach with a small business blog

In your experience: Does SEO scare you? It doesn’t need to. Sure, there’s some crazy math and many conjectures to be made about what works and what doesn’t for SEO. But, simply having a basic understanding of SEO and putting some of the basic concepts into practice will make it much easier for prospects to find you on the internet.

Blog Marketing Produces Free Market Research :

A study of your blog’s analytics will tell you what your customers really want. Their comments will too.

If your stats show that customers are flocking to a particular blog post you wrote about extending the life of their handmade leather shoes, you might find that your audience is receptive to more of that! Perhaps you might consider offering products on your website that extend the life of leather shoes based on that feedback. Or, you might write a follow-up post highlighting new leather-extending technology.

Your site analytics and customer feedback will tell you exactly what customers want and their comments will tell you exactly how you can improve what you already have. Best part is, this type of market research is free!

In your experience: Does the concept of market research seem intimidating? Market research doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process where you hire people to give surveys and conduct experiments. All you have to do is ask for comments and feedback from your audience on your business blog.

A Small Business Blog has Viral Potential:

If you do it right, your blog posts have the potential to go viral. There’s no magic formula for this, and it often happens unexpectedly. But going viral can only happen if you have fresh content available to share.

The more people share, comment and like your content, the more SEO juice it gets too. The higher page rank your blog achieves, the more people see it. It’s a snowball effect that you definitely want to start rolling with. One post that goes viral could lead to an explosion of prospects, right away and in the long term as people circle back.

In your experience: How many viral posts or pictures have you come across on social media that you’ve thought, “I could do that?” Well, you likely could! With a little study and a little mimicry, you absolutely could turn a small business blog post into a viral storm.

List Building:

We already talked about how regular updates are a strong lure for readers in contrast to sites that hardly ever get updated. But you need to do something with those regular readers as they are an invaluable resource for your small business.

The best tactic is to entice your readers to give you their email address so you can build your mailing list. Most websites offer some sort of way to “subscribe” for updates. Give your readers a place to sign up, and you can experience the gold that is your email list!

Think about it: How many websites have you given your email to that don’t have regular updates or amazing offers. None, right? Because you wouldn’t be signing up for much of anything! Blog updates bring subscribers, which brings conversions, which brings more sales. Your traffic won’t just hand over their email addresses. You need to give them something to sign up for! Like…blog post updates, of course.

Lead Building:

A business blog is a great place to turn a visitor into a lead. In fact, statistics show that having a small business blog generates 126% more leads. By building trust and having a place to put in a call to action, your blog provides so much more potential to turn a random visitor into a paying customer.

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Putting your new subscribers into a funnel where you gradually build your relationship with them and walk them through a process of getting to know you is the first step toward lead conversion. Even just getting to know your business through your blog could potentially turn a visitor into a lead.

Think about it: Someone looking for a pet leash lands on your veterinarian’s office website. They buy the pet leash from you, but then they notice an article about doggie leash training. Within that article, they see that you offer a free email series about leash behavior training. From there, they get on your email list and your random visitor has now turned into a warm lead. When you release a larger paid course in dog behavior modification, your warm lead is the perfect candidate for conversion!

Inject Personality:

Blog posts are your chance to let your business guard down and explore emotion and storytelling where it might not be appropriate elsewhere. With a more informal writing tone, you get to move away from uninviting corporate speak, show a different side of your business, bring out some emotion, and get to your brand’s heart.

Blog posts allow you to show how your business is about more than just making money. You can increase your reader’s’ receptivity to your message and how well they resonate with you by displaying your human side.

Consumers don’t trust based on ads, they trust based on how well they connect with you.

Think about it: When reading business blogs filled with jargon, don’t your eyelids get heavy? Don’t do that to your own audience! Speak in everyday language, let your personality shine through, and explain what you do in everyday terms. This makes your business much more relatable and human.

Encourage Interaction:

Blog comments and social media marketing blog discussions around your blog posts open up opportunities for exchange between you and your desired audience. Your visitors will be so touched that they can reach the actual people behind your brand and that their voices really matter to you. You become reachable. And people like reachable.

Think about it: Have you ever wished you could tell a brand what they’re missing or offer them a cool suggestion? Sending it via snail mail seems pretty fruitless and unreasonable, but commenting about the product on a blog post seems much more effective. And you have a sense that it might actually be seen!

Social Media Blogs for Content Syndication:

Content you create can be cross marketed to other platformsUsed wisely, social media blogs can become a great way to drive traffic without doing any additional work. One simple blog post can be turned into a podcast, a slideshare, a chapter in an ebook, social media posts, a funnel email, and so much more. The number of social media blogs alone provides innumerable content marketing opportunities. Each single blog post could multiply your content reach exponentially.

Think about it: Have you ever considered how you might be able to share a valuable piece of content on various social media platforms? For example, if you add a pinnable image to your blog post, it becomes Pinterest-worthy. If you narrate the blog post content into an audio player on your phone, it becomes an audio podcast file. The possibilities are limitless. Keep a list of all the platforms that your blog posts might be relevant for and share away!

Eliminate Objections:

Use your business blog marketing posts to answer common customer concerns and appease their objections before they even have a chance to pose or even consider them! By doing so, you drown their hesitation and undo all the kinks that could prevent them from buying in the future.

In another way, you’re also indirectly indicating to your customer that you’ve taken care of everything; you’ve taken care of them.

In your experience: What are your customers’ most proliferate questions or objections? Think of a way to answer those in a creative way through a blog post. For example, a fitness business might write a post about how to find pockets of time to exercise to eliminate the “I don’t have time” objection. Then, when it comes time to sell a 30 minute workout plan, your customers will be much more receptive since they now recognize how doable it is.

Provide Context With a Business Blog:

You might have a phenomenal shopping page for an item that you invented and you might have the most beautiful website design behind your product. But what about the emotionally stirring story behind that product?

A static shopping page may not be the place for the backstory. And if you exclude the story completely, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to make a meaningful connection with your audience. After all, basic psychology will tell you that emotion has a stronger influence on buyers than practicality.

Blogging for business allows you to talk about why you created a product the way you did or what the story was behind making certain improvements. People want to get to know you before they do anything, especially buy. Give them some context through blog posts!

In your experience: Don’t you love getting behind-the-scenes pictures from your favorite name brands on Instagram or life updates from the CEO on their blog? There’s something endearing about sharing the real life behind the product.

As you can see, the value of having a small business blog is paramount for online success, and it’s one of the most influential free marketing tools at your disposal. If you haven’t considered beginning one, you shouldn’t wait any longer to start! Commit today to writing one post per week, and one year from today, you will have 52 blog posts on your site and you could be enjoying double digit lead growth!

Now You Understand the Benefits of Blogging for Business

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