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5 Tips to Make Your Website More Customer Friendly

As your website is almost always the first impression customers will have of you, creating a high quality customer service experience is one of the best ways to really stand out from your competition. Many small business websites are often done on a budget, which translates into them being done poorly with a lot of clutter and hard for customers to navigate. Whether you decide to build your own or have a professional do it, here are 5 tips to keep in mind.

  1. Call-to-Action: Always, always, always have a call-to-action as one of the very first things the customer sees when landing on your page. You want them to contact you, right? So put this information front and center.
  2. Front and Center Contact Info: Along with the call-to-action, have your contact information located right next to it. I can’t tell you how many websites I come across where the contact information is buried somewhere on the site. As a customer, I’m not going to bother searching for it, so make this prominent. This could mean displaying your phone number, having them fill out a contact information form, or, for the more technically savvy, building in a Call Now button. I like to add it to the website footer as well, marked up for search engines with schema. This schema tool can generate a schema address block that you copy and paste to your website.
  3. Common Question Drop-Down Menu: Include a drop-down menu with common questions. This is all about making it easier for the customer to send an email and for you to collect the lead information. You probably get called about or emailed the same 5-8 questions for most calls. List those questions in your drop-down menu. Then, all the customer has to do is choose the appropriate question, enter their email, and click send. Within 5 seconds, you’ve got a new lead!
  4. Focus on Your Product or Services: Put your main services on the first landing page. You want to let customers know what your specialties are and how you can help them. Forget all that stuff about your mission, your values, and other corporate mumbo-jumbo. If this is important to your customer, they will search it out on your site.
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  5. Keep It Simple: Keep things clean. You want clear, concise text with just a few images for impact. Putting too much on a page is another one of the most common mistakes I see business owners make.
  6. Bonus Tip – Video: Videos are a great way to help your customer learn a lot about you easily. It can be worth the investment to commission the production of a short video highlighting your business services or products. Costs are quite reasonable nowadays compared to the past, so check it out. Videos are also a great way to ensure a more customer friendly website.

Happy customers means more business. Try out these tips and you will start to see better conversions on your website. We all know this list isn’t conclusive by any means, but rather a starting point. They stand true whether you are a digital marketing agency or a sawmill. If you have any questions about any of these, or other website related “stuff”, feel free to blurt it out in the comments below. Have a great day!

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